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We're getting excited for our #BMWMountains Freeride Tours at the @freeride.testival in March! You can still win a spot with #BMWPowderRangers in Kaunertal. Or just book your own Freeride Tour with us in either Warth-Schröcken, Saalbach or Kaunertal. #freeride #ski #austria #fun

Freeriding like the pros! Spend a top-class freeride day together with the two BMW Mountains athletes Matthias Mayr and Sandra Lahnsteiner. In addition to untouched backcountry terrain, an exclusive lunch, individual coaching including video analysis and a BMW Mountains Goodie Bag are further highlights of your freeride tour.

Where urban meets outdoor! The BMW X1 radiates pure self-confidence in every situation. Just like Martin Söderström: He has come to set new standards and blow any physical limits. Get on a journey with us.

Test brand new gear, take part in workshops, ski all day long and get pro tips from our freeride experts? Doesn’t this sound like every freeriders dream? Come and join us at this year’s Freeride Testival and be part of the dopest community of mountaineers. On the 7th and 8th of March in Warth-Schröcken, 14th and 15th in Saalbach and 21st and 22nd in Kaunertal! Start your powder adventure now and register online - we are already stoked.

Hello to all of you freeski, mountain and powder lovers out there! You love our feed and would like to see yourself between our powderful shots. Doesn’t matter if you take sick mountainshots, skiing vids, snow pics or whatever! We love our community because… let’s be real, you guys are pretty chill. So dare yourself and get a chance to be featured by using #BMWmountains We can’t wait for your winter shots this season. Snow out & Keep on shreddin‘
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Join us in this years FreerideTestival to check out the brand new equipment of the season. You should definitely book one of our #BMWMountains Freeride Tours on these days: 1. Stop: Warth-Schröcken 〇 March 7th + 8th 2. Stop: Saalbach 〇 March 14th + 15th 3. Stop: Kaunertal 〇 March 21st +22nd

Where do you think the @tillmannbrothers got this #theoldworldmovie shot with winter-ride master @vinny_t_. The panoramic mountain views and biking trails of the French alps serve as perfect scenery for filming this masterpiece. Now… strike a pose! I @jmvotography I