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Bedanken möchten wir uns bei allen Sportbegeisterten, die unsere letzte Wintersaison zu einem Highlight gemacht haben. Auch wenn sie früher enden musste, als geplant. Wir haben uns über die vielen Teilnehmer bei unseren Wettbewerben wie dem BMW xDrive Cup, den BMW Powder Rangers oder der BMW Powder Ride Kampagne gefreut. Jetzt wünschen wir Ihnen trotz der aktuellen Einschränkungen einen erlebnisreichen Outdoor-Sommer.

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Hello to all of you freeski, mountain and powder lovers out there! You love our feed and would like to see yourself between our powderful shots. Doesn’t matter if you take sick mountainshots, skiing vids, snow pics or whatever! We love our community because… let’s be real, you guys are pretty chill. So dare yourself and get a chance to be featured by using #BMWmountains We can’t wait for your winter shots this season. Snow out & Keep on shreddin‘
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Oh yeah! #Recap time - A few weeks ago @alice.linari and @loalesi had some beautiful days with heaps of sun and powder in Spring is coming early this year, but we all need to take a step back and chill. Now is the time to appreciate and replay all of our adventures and enjoy some down time. Stay safe and healthy guys! #BMWMountains #freeride #stayhome #staysafe #keepdistance #flattenthecurve #bmw #bmwaustria | @samuele_cavicchi |

While being on top of this gorgeous place @felixwiemers and @lottawiemers witnessed a marriage proposal - and the bride-would-be said yes! Perfect spot for that! ???? Or maybe Felix was just missing a shot of rum in his tea. ???? #Captionthis #BMWMountains #amazingview #mountainlove #photography #norway #stayhome #flattenthecurve


#Captionthis: Either @rohrmoserroman lost a bet or he just wanted to look fabulous. Guess he's telling the girls "Niiiice, this 80s gear never gets old". Or what do you think? ???? #BMWMountains #80s #ski #oldschool #style

As much as we love an open road and spending time in the mountains, we know, now is not the time to be there. Let's redefine "keeping a safe distance" - stay home, stay safe and help us to flatten this curve together. Today we drive forward without driving at all. #staysafe #stayhealthy #flattenthecurve #bmwmountains

Where urban meets outdoor! The BMW X1 radiates pure self-confidence in every situation. Just like Martin Söderström: He has come to set new standards and blow any physical limits. Get on a journey with us.

Stay healthy and safe. #BMWMountains #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #StayHealthy #StaySafe