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You’re already a user and are asking yourself how you can take part in the BMW xDrive Cup? 


You can also use your access data to log into the BMW Mountains website. If you have not yet submitted all of the data relevant to BMW, you will be asked to provide them by the system once. You can then view your details on both and BMW Mountains and collect points for the competition

Have you linked your Jungfrau Winner Card Account with and wish to log in to

When you linked to, a new password was generated for you for security reasons. You can request your password by selecting the Reset Password function at You will then be able to log in to and view your data using your Winner Card user name or Winner Card e-mail address and your Skiline password.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

You can’t confirm your registration because you haven’t received a confirmation e-mail after registering on BMW Mountains?

The most common causes for undelivered e-mails are:

* a typo in the e-mail address

* your e-mail inbox is full and cannot receive any more e-mails 

* the e-mail has been intercepted by your spam or junk filter.

Please contact giving your user name and e-mail address.

Points Handling.

Your personal profile does not list any or all of your points?

* Please check that you have correctly entered the ski pass with your stored data first. Enter your ski pass either at the login, in the teaser to the left of your profile, or on the “My Ski Days” page. Select your ski region, enter the number on your ski pass and click “Add Ski Pass”.

  * Please note that the points are calculated and credited to your profile only twice a day (at about 12:00 am and 20:00 pm). For this reason, the points earned with ski passes you have just entered may not be shown until the following day.

  * In the BMW xDrive Cup area Courchevel it is only possible to collect the Skimovie points due to local data protection regulations.

Updating ski passes.

Data or lift rides are missing on the ski pass you have entered?

This can generally be put down to connection problems when the reader in the ski resort attempts to communicate with the database. This is beyond our control. As soon as a connection has been made, the missing lift trips are automatically added within one day.

For further questions, please contact our user support at

Joint ski passes.
The 3 valleys ski pass is a joint pass combining several ski resorts. However, only Warth-Schöcken is participating in the BMW xDrive Cup. For this reason you can only access your ski day data and media for Warth-Schröcken. Only this data can be added to your BMW xDrive Cup ranking.
Ski pass entry Italy.

Do you have a ski pass from Kronplatz?

In the Italian ski resort Kronplatz, you can also use the existing BMW xDrive Cup installations in the adjacent ski resorts. However, in order to be able to collect points there as well, you have to use your ski pass in Kronplatz first.

How can I delete my account?
If you no longer wish to take part in the BMW xDrive Cup and you want to delete your profile, please go to the subpage "Settings" in your profile in order to deactivate your account. All information and your registration details for BMW Mountains will then be deleted irrevocably.

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