A dream trip is what it is - a DREAM trip

The Powder Ride winners 2019 talk about their voting experience

Markus and Chelsea have every reason to be happy. The fact that the joy of winning is now turning into anticipation for their personal dream trip became clear while interviewing the two likeable athletes.

They learned about the possibility of winning a Dream Trip via social media. This is no big surprise, as Markus (@markus.l__) and Chelsea (@_chelsea.seber) are very active on Instagram themselves. 

The unique prospect of a very special powder trip was reason enough for them to participate and give everything to win. 

After they were selected by their chosen BMW Mountain athletes and made it to the voting phase, they used their social media presence to collect votes. Markus, as a passionate wakesurfer, activated his community. Chelsea was also able to play her Instagram trump card. 

But anyone who thinks that this would make it easy to win is sorely mistaken. You have to show the right commitment, not be put off by the competition, but be even more motivated and never get tired of asking for votes. The two agree that they have fought hard for the prize. "Now and then it helps to sit down next to the voters to see if everything really works out and the vote is cast." Chelsea advises her successors.

Markus has another tip: One should not only concentrate on the people in his immediate surroundings. 

"I really asked everybody! I've even reached out to the grandmother of someone I know.” With this approach Markus was able to secure even more votes than Chelsea and therefore also comes in first place. 

He will be joined by Roman Rohrmoser on a trip to Kaslo in Canada. But what is important to him is not skiing, but snowboarding. "I can't wait to see Roman on the snowboard and teach him another trick," he jokes eagerly. Other than that, good snow conditions are one of the most important factors for him. A real thoroughbred. 

Just like Chelsea, who is looking forward to a trip to Gstaad, where Matthias Mayr, one of the BMW Mountains athletes, will be stopping by. Grown up in the heart of the Alps, skiing is in her blood. She used to race herself, but now she has turned her passion for skiing into her profession. She is especially looking forward to gathering new impressions and experiences. "I'm up for anything and I don't want to miss a thing." summarizes the Austrian. 

Currently, however, it means waiting a little longer until the respective Dream Trip starts. But the anticipation will be worth it. 

Markus puts it in a nutshell: "You don't get this opportunity every day. A dream trip is what it is– a DREAM trip.”

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