BMW Powder Ride 2017.

Great prizes for unique moments.

All BMW Powder Ride Contest entrants had the opportunity to share their unique freeride experiences with us. Month by month the community got involved in the voting process to select the winning photos and videos from the many uploads. Finally the winners received their exciting prizes: a POWDERCHASE weekend or a two-day SAAC Basic Camp.

Stefan, Philipp and Francesco won the POWDERCHASE weekend. For the monthly winners who submitted the most popular videos, the fun started on the outward journey: they were taken in a brand new BMW X1 to a ski destination that was picked just 24 hours in advance. They then set off with POWDERCHASE in search of the perfect powder. When they arrived at the given spot, the winners ventured their way through unfamiliar terrain, exploring the fresh powder snow and steep slopes at close quarters. On the following two days the participants were taken on superb runs through untouched powder by an experienced guide. Three days of the finest powder snow – a weekend to thrill any freeriding enthusiast. Ski pass, mountain guide, overnight accommodation, breakfast and evening meal were all included of course.

Federico, Philipp, Andreas and Marco now have everything under control off-piste. The monthly winners with the most popular photos started their winners' weekend in a new BMW X1 before getting down to business. At the SAAC Basic Camp in the Salzburg winter sports hotspot Saalbach-Hinterglemm, on the Stubai glacier or in Warth-Schröcken – the skiing area with the most snow in the whole of Europe – they completed a two-day training course for experienced freeriders who want to make sure they're in control of every situation off piste. After an initial theory session, it was time for some action. The certified SAAC skiing and mountain guides took the winners into terrain covered in deep snow. Anyone wanting to ski through untouched powder has to be able to judge potential risks and dangers – and that was just what the winners learnt at the camp. Terrain check, codes of conduct, risk management – there was lots to take in: the freeriders even practised how to track down avalanche victims. And of course the ski pass and safety equipment was all included.

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