Hall of Fame - The winners of 2018.

In our Hall of Fame, you will find each winner for the monthly community vote for the best photo. And by the end of the contest, you will – of course – find the overall winner for the best freeride shot, selected by the jury.

Overall winner of 2017 – Markus with BMW athlete Sandra Lahnsteiner in Sweden.

Winning the Powder Ride Contest was quite unexpected! Main winner Markus cut his holidays in Asia short and travelled half-way across the world in order to make it for the heliskiing event in Sweden – a decision that he wouldn’t come to regret. Equipped with the most state-of-the-art skis by K2 and a highly functional outfit by Peak Performance, Markus and his buddy Ben were more than ready for the six-day-long adventure set up by the BMW partners. With Sandra Lahnsteiner, the freeriders had an absolute expert by their side who assisted them with great tips and tricks. The warm-up to the heliskiing experience was already quite phenomena in and of itself: With the BMW X1, the group made it to the typically Swedish Abisko Mountain Lodge and to the Narvik Fjord via a beautifully scenic drive along the Lapland’s fascinating mountainscape. And if you’re already in Sweden’s wilderness, there’s no way that you can miss out on the meditative power of ice-fishing or on the action-packed rides with the dogsleds and snowmobiles. But what came next was the absolute highlight of the journey: the two-day-long heliskiing event. The trio, consisting of Markus, Ben and Sandra, conquered the powder snow and had plenty of time to enjoy some nature, action and adrenaline. A quite different experience from what you might get in Central Europe. And thanks to the May midnight sun, they were even able to draw a couple of lines into the powder snow late at night. Now, how’s that for a main prize? Our winner Markus later reported that the heliskiing experience was the most fun he ever had while skiing in his entire life.