Two athletes. One mission.

Matthias Mayr.

Matthias Mayr.

As a freerider, Matthias Mayr always looks for a new challenge. His specialty: mountains that have never before been conquered by anyone. During his most recent adventures, he visited a remote island at the base of the Russian peninsula Kamtschatka as well as an unexplored region of Siberia. You can witness these extreme expeditions up close in the movies “Onekotan – The Lost Island” and “The White Maze”.

Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder.

Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder.

Matthias “Hauni” Haunholder is a freeride pro through and through. On his way to the top, he has racked up countless victories. He always follows the call of adventure: no mountain top is too high, no powder too deep and no region too remote. Since 2008, his freeride experiences may be enjoyed by the public on the big screen. In order to secure spectacular images, he is always in pursuit of remote and fascinating mountain tops.

The goal: Antarctica’s best freeride descents.

500 kilometers by foot and kite from Union Glacier Camp to the Ellsworth Mountains and back

Mountain tops higher than 4,000 meters that need to be conquered on the quest for the best freeride descent.

6 weeks at temperatures of between
-15 and -50°C.

Possibility of snow storms with up to
300 km/h wind velocity.

3 men, alone in the endless vastness: Matthias Mayr, Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and cinematographer Johannes Aitzetmüller.

Watch now the latest video.

Day by day on the quest for extremes.

30 June 2017

Ready for their new mission. Powered by their brand-new BMW X3, our athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder are ready for their new mission. Stay tuned as we promise, you do not want to miss this!

14 July 2017

New skills for the mission. Gaining new skills on a new terrain not only opens your mind but also exceeds your limits. Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder swopped from snow to water, from ski to kite. Why? To fulfill their next adventure? Stay tuned!

24 October 2017

From summer to winter.
With winter fast approaching, our Mountainbikers Martin Söderström and Hannah Barnes handed the reigns to our Skiers Matthias Mayr and Matthias Haunholder.

27 October 2017

From water to ice?
Last summer our athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias Haunholder traveled to Tarifa to learn kiting - but why? What made the two skiers switch from snow to water and from skis to kites? Watch the training video and stay tuned for more.

1 November 2017

We pack our bags and take with us …
Our athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias Haunholder are getting ready for their Antarctica expedition. But what should you pack for a trip to one of the most remote places on earth? Find out in our video what equipment they are taking with them.

6 November 2017

It's getting cold.
Bbbrrrr it's getting cold! To prepare for their Antarctica expedition our athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder made a trip to the BMW Climate Chamber - watch the video from their freezing experience.

10 November 2017

Now it's getting serious. It's getting serious – our athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder have taken on the next chapter of their mission in the sizzling hot South America! The two ventures are driving from Buenos Aires to Punta Arenas with the new BMW X3 to start their Antarctica expedition. We are thrilled to see what’s coming up next – it’s still a long way to Punta Arenas in Chile.

11 November 2017

Long way to the south. Our Athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder are still on their long way from Argentina to Chile and it's getting colder in the south.

14 November 2017

Pit stop in Punta Arenas. What an exciting road trip! Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder get closer and closer to the South Pole. After 2.884 kilometres of driving through South America, they reached their pit stop in Punta Arenas in Chile. Now they get to enjoy the sea view and make final arrangements for their big adventure. If the weather remains good, they will fly to the Antarctica tomorrow where the truly challenging part of their journey begins.

16 November 2017

Vivid atmosphere in Punta Arenas. The batteries are recharged! The beautiful and vivid atmosphere in Punta Arenas is perfect to start a big adventure. Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder prepared themselves for the upcoming Antarctica expedition. After an impressive road trip through the South of America, the most extreme adventure has already started: Stay tuned!

16 November 2017

Antarctica is drawing close.
It’s getting serious: The Antarctica expedition is drawing close and even though Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder have already wrapped themselves into warm clothing, here's a quick throwback to their amazing road trip through Patagonia!

18 November 2017

Hello Antarctica. Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and Matthias Mayr are on their way to Ellsworth Mountains! Conditions are good at the moment and they have already found some perfect powder for their first lines!

22 November 2017

37 km with 240 kg equipment. New updates from Antarctica! Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder travelled 37 km through the cold. Unfortunately there is currently no wind, so they can’t use their kites and only get on slowly. The two athletes now have to pull their slides with 240 kg of equipment on their own – a tedious and exhausting task. Stay tuned for more!

24 November 2017

An igloo against the storm. It is getting stormy and windy in Antarctica! Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and Matthias Mayr prepared themselves for an announced severe storm and built an igloo. They covered 42 km so far and are hoping for stable winds to move on with their kites in the next days.

4 December 2017

Nothing is impossible. We had not heard from them for a while, but our athletes Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and Matthias Mayr are in good health. They are already on their way home and showed us that nothing is impossible! They fulfilled their dreams climbed the most fascinating mountains of Antarctica, pulled 240 kilos of ski equipment with them and had some amazing ski runs.

6 December 2017

Kiting icy winds. Besides snow and extreme cold the white continent has a lot more to offer! Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder utilized strong and icy winds during their Anarctica Expedition to travel with their kites through the icy deserts of Antarctica and were confronted with impressing nature spectacles. Our athletes have a lot of stories to tell.

8 December 2017

At home again. Time went by so quickly! Our two athletes Matthias Mayr and Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder returned home safely and have a lot to tell about their Antarctica Expedition. They reached the top of the most beautiful mountains of Antarctica and look back over 3 weeks of bitter cold, amazing ski runs, self-built igloos, icy storms and exhausting trips with heavy equipment.

Stay tuned.